Companies and security

Information concerning airport identification cards :


All demands concerning identification cards are dematerialised and must be submitted via the STITCH portal :

  • Concerning the companies that work on the platform :

The security correspondent of the company is in charge of sending an email to the badge office( to ask for access to the STITCH portal

The person in charge must also communicate the following details relative to their company: company name, SIRET number, address, zip code, last name, first name and correspondent’s signature

You will receive an email with a link and a login that will allow you to access the STITCH portal


  • For subcontractors that work for a company present at the platform :

The authorised company must send a declaration filled-out by the subcontractors to the badge office (

The subcontracting company will then receive an email with the link to the STITCH portal.

The list of required documents
  • A passport sized photograph
  • A photocopy of your national ID card or passport
  • A proof of address that has been issued within the last three months
  • A training certificate (security awareness training)
  • A photocopy of your driving license
  • Identification cards : 35€ HT for production, loss and renewal
  • Permit vehicle pass : 18€ HT for production, loss and renewal